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CO2 Extracted Distillates



Cannaseurs, looking for a full-bodied experience? Look no further. Our Terpene-Rich Distillate offers the perfect blend of same-strain, same-batch cannabis terpenes for ultimate purity and taste.

Featured Include
  • Up to 85% potency
  • Maximum terpene reintroduction for optimal flavor
  • Same-strain, same-batch terpenes
  • Strain-specific, small batch distilled


Pure Power! Our highest potency offering packs a punch for dabbing. The Pure Distillate marries technology and science to maximize the impact of all cannabinoids.

Features Include
  • Up to 95% potency
  • Strain-specific, small batch distilled


We’ve taken all there is to love about flower and distilled it down. The Raw Distillate is minimally refined maintaining the desired plant materials. This process creates a distillate with a profile most similar to cannabis flower itself.

Features Include
    • Up to 90% potency
    • Closest profile to the cannabis plant
    • Strain-specific, small batch distilled

The all-in-one- tool for dabbing

The Dabaratus delivers unsurpassed purity and convenience for the diligent dabber.

The Dabaratus provides a clean, one-click solution for dabbing – delivering a consistent dose of Bakked’s purest cannabis oil. Our distillate incorporates the entire cannabinoid spectrum and reintroduces same-strain, sam-batch terpenes to give you the fullest flavor.

        • Contains 1 gram of highly potent and pure cannabis distillate (up to 90% potency)
        • Heat resistant metal tip for dabbing
        • Consistent dose at the push of a button
        • Each device is available in strain specific Indica, Sativa, Hybrid and CBD varieties
        • Goes well with the go-anywhere go.pen plus

Bakked Pure CO2 Oil Cartridges

BAKKED CARTRIDGES deliver a no nonsense, high quality vaporizing experience at an affordable price.

Bakked cartridges are formulated with all-natural
botanical terpenes for a flavorful experience.

  • 500mg
  • Botanical Terpenes
  • Pure Refined CO2 Oil
  • Activated Δ-9 THC
  • Best bang for your buck

Oil Cartridge Flavors

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