Pure and Potent CO2 Extracted Cannabis Oil

At Bakked, we produce the highest-quality CO2 extracted cannabis oil possible. We choose Supercritical CO2 Extraction to create our concentrates because it yields the highest quality oils and are 100% hydrocarbon free. Our process ensures that we leave no residual heavy metals in the final product. Bakked cannabis distillates boast potencies over 80% of fully activated Δ9 THC. Learn More About CO2 Cannabis Extraction >

Same-Strain, Same-Batch Terpenes

We take great care in producing our cannabis distillates. We use only same-strain, same-batch cannabis terpenes in our Dabaratus and Terpene Rich CO2 Distillate to create the quintessential cannabis experience. Discover more information about the terpenes present in our CO2 extracted cannabis oil and how they interact with the body. Learn More About Cannabis Terpenes >

Sesh without the Mess

Explore the features of the Dabaratus



Heat Resistant Metal Tip



Terpene-Rich Distillate



Goes Well with Portable Vaporizers



Consistent Dabs Every time

Sesh without the Mess

Explore the features of the Dabaratus

co2 extracted cannabis oil
  • Heat resistant metal tip
  • Pure and potent C02 distillate
  • Goes Well with Portable Vaporizers
  • Consistent dabs every time

CO2 Extracted Cannabis Distillates



Cannaseurs, looking for a full-bodied experience? Look no further. Our Terpene-Rich Distillate offers the perfect blend of same-strain, same-batch cannabis terpenes for ultimate purity and taste. This CO2 extracted cannabis distillate provides an elevated experience to consumers. Learn More About Extract >


Pure Power! Our highest potency offering packs a punch for dabbing. The Pure Distillate marries technology and science to maximize the impact of all cannabinoids. Interested in learning more about these cannabis distillates? Learn More About Pure Cannabis Distillate >


We’ve taken all there is to love about flower and distilled it down. The Raw Distillate is minimally refined maintaining the desired plant materials. The CO2  extracted cannabis distillates create a profile most similar to cannabis flower itself. Learn More About RAW Co2 Extracted Cannabis Distillates >

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