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CO2 Extracted Cannabis Distillate



Cannaseurs, looking for a cannabis extract that delivers a full-bodied experience? Look no further. Our Terpene-Rich Distillate offers the perfect blend of same-strain, same-batch cannabis terpenes for ultimate purity and taste. Grab your favorite dab tools and discover why so many people choose our cannabis extract.

Featured Include
  • Up to 85% potency in each cannabis distillate
  • Maximum terpene reintroduction for optimal flavor
  • Same-strain, same-batch terpenes
  • Strain-specific, small batch distilled


Pure Power! Our highest potency offering packs a punch for dabbing. The Pure Distillate marries technology and science to maximize the impact of all cannabinoids. We use state-of-the-art cannabis extraction methods to produce the highest-purity products. If you’re looking for the strongest effects you can possibly experience from cannabis extract, then our cannabis distillate may be right for you.

Features Include
  • Up to 95% potency in each cannabis distillate
  • Strain-specific, small batch distilled


We’ve taken all there is to love about flower and distilled it down. The Raw Distillate is minimally refined maintaining the desired plant materials. The process surrounding this cannabis extract creates a distillate with a profile most similar to the flower itself. This is one of the strongest cannabis distillates on the market.

Features Include
  • Up to 90% potency in each cannabis extract
  • Closest profile to the cannabis plant
  • Strain-specific, small batch distilled

The all-in-one- tool for dabbing

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The Dabaratus: Among the Best Dab Tools on the Market

Meet one of your new favorite dab tools: the Dabaratus. This little dab tool delivers unsurpassed purity and convenience for the diligent dabber. Our distillate incorporates the entire cannabinoid spectrum and reintroduces same-strain, sam-batch terpenes to give you the fullest flavor. You’ll never want to use other dab tools again!

The Perfect Dose of Cannabis Extract

If you’re concerned about how much cannabis distillate you consume in one sitting, the Dabaratus can help you measure out the perfect doses. The Dabaratus provides a clean, one-click solution for dabbing – delivering a consistent dose of Bakked’s purest cannabis oil.  While other dab tools may waste some of the precious cannabis extract during dabbing, the Dabaratus is designed to dispense only what you need every time.

  • Contains 1 gram of highly potent and pure cannabis distillate (up to 90% potency)
  • Heat resistant metal tip for dabbing
  • Consistent dose at the push of a button
  • Each of these dab tools is available in strain specific Indica, Sativa, Hybrid and CBD varieties

Bakked Pure CO2 Oil Cartridges

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BAKKED CARTRIDGES deliver a no nonsense, high quality vaporizing experience at an affordable price.

Cannabis Distillate Cartridges

Bakked cartridges are formulated with all-natural botanical terpenes for a flavorful experience. Our CO2 cannabis extraction process delivers the perfect cannabis distillate for vaporizing.

Features Include:
  • 500mg
  • Botanical Terpenes
  • Pure Refined CO2 Oil
  • Activated Δ-9 THC
  • Best bang for your buck

Oil Cartridge Flavors

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